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Paula was great. Got me hired on with a great company and helped me get a false report on my DAC removed.
I would highly recommend calling Paula at Right Turn Recruiting.


I have not worked with many recruiters in the past and those that I did work with were a joke.
My recruiter Dee Dee ❤ was a dream come true. She actually knew the ups and downs of the trucking industry and where to send my application too. She worked hard on my behalf as myself being in the transportation business for close to 30 plus years I had requirements that I needed fulfilled. She found me a great match with a company out of Minnesota. I thoroughly recommend ???? them to others who aren’t afraid to work. The people are awesome. I did not join a trucking company but inherited a trucking family. Thank you Dee Dee for making everything come together for myself and the company. I FULLY HAVE MY RECRUITER’S BACK. Give Right Turn a call and request this lady.


Before I spoke with Marlena, my mindset was ‘might as well go back to welding’. Not only did she listen to my grievance that was at hand, she gave me some excellent advice as to not create adverse conditions that could have affected my employment with my new employer. The first thing I noticed was a poster in the orientation room that read,”Welcome Home”. The staff I have met, set the tone for the company’s culture, and I love it….I feel like this is my home! Thank you very much Marlena R., for helping me transition through the toughest times I have faced in years. ☺



Jordan was great! Honest, professional and very good at what he does! I was quickly matched with a great company where I’m making great money without a bunch of run around! Call right turn recruiting and ask for Jordan, you’ll quickly see why I gave him a 5 ⭐️ rating!


Becky went above and beyond to get me seated with a great company. Becky and RTR stood by me and listened to all my concerns. I would recommend that any driver looking for work should call her. She is a super recruiter!


After being left on the side of the road again by another wannabe trucking company I called Sam told him my wife and I were stuck in FL. Within 24 hours Sam had me set up with one of the top 10 trucking company’s in American. Also, a rental car to get me to a hotel. Throughout orientation, he made sure everything was going well. Best experience in all my 15 years of trucking! Thanks, Sam!



Sam was very upfront and truthful about everything he told me about Right Turn Recruiting. Awesome guy! I felt like I already knew him. I would recommend Sam and Right Turn Recruiting to anyone looking for a job. Thanks, Sam!



My recruiter BW at Right Turn Recruiting is the best recruiter so far I have had in trucking, he was straightforward and to the point, didn’t try to lead me on or just fill a seat in a truck. He constantly made it a priority to check on me each day to be sure I was good or if I needed anything, that alone showed me he cared and wanted the best for me. I’m hired on and we still chat daily, I highly recommend Right Turn Recruiting. My brother will have 1-year experience around October, I will be sure to refer him to BW so he can join me over here at WFX.


At first I was a little hesitant about how things worked. However, after talking with Amy, not only did I feel comfortable, I knew I was in good hands after she gave me a thorough presentation on the company. She was honest by telling me the good and the bad and was truthful with all her responses. I am now currently employed and could not be happier thanks to Amy! The best part, when I got to orientation everything was just like Amy told me it would be. I could not be happier!



Paula is fantastic. Very knowledgeable because she used to be a driver. If you have a a problem with anything, just call her. She will work harder than most to get you an answer. 


David was really awesome. Very helpful and informative. Made me feel welcomed and did not rush me at all. Really great guy and really impressive company.



Michelle Allison is a very good recruiter, very professional, and does her best to help you in finding what you’re looking for in a trucking company. I recommended her to any one who wants to be treated with respect and honesty. Good job Michelle keep up the good work 👍



Lisa was a godsend. With other recruiters, you always wonder where you are in the process. Lisa was on top of EVERY step of the process. Any questions I had she got answers for me or told me what I needed to do. I would recommend her and RTR for any drivers out there. Star Rating ★★★★★


Sam was great to work with and very helpful in getting my application completed. I would recommend him to anyone!



DeeDee was a pleasure to work with. She provided me with multiple employment options and worked intently on my job placement. DeeDee is a focused go-getter, as well as concerned with my happiness and satisfaction. I would recommend DeeDee to friends and family, she’s honest and I look forward to working with her for years to come.



Thanks to Right Turn Recruiting I am back on the road and am with a carrier that is a huge upgrade from my previous employer. There are lots of carriers out there, Right Turn Recruiting was able to help find me one that not only was I qualified for, but was a good fit overall.



My recruiter DeeDee made my life a lot easier. She handled my application. She was on top of it all. Very honest thru out the whole process. No misleading information about the job. She contacted me thru every step of the way. Outstanding job DeeDee! Thank you again!



It was a pleasure to work with Becky. She was honest and promptly answered all of my questions. She continually followed up to make sure everything was going well for me. 


I always have my concerns when looking for a new and better company. Jordan made sure my concerns were addressed and handled up front. My biggest concerns were miles, home time, and transportation to orientation. Jordan is the best recruiter I have had in my 6 years of driving. He is upfront and honest. He also likes to get new and up to date information so that all information that he passes on to his other new drivers is correct. If all recruiters and companies were as honest and upfront as Jordan and Right Turn Recruiting then trucking would be a better place for all drivers!


Lacey is one of the nicest recruiters I have ever talk to. AND I don’t talk to a lot over the 20 years I’ve been driving. She was very helpful!


Lacey is a great recruiter! She was always helpful and reachable, providing me with all of the resources to get the right job for me. She totally understood my needs and helped me through the entire hiring process. Thank you, Lacey, for getting me a job I enjoy! 



Thank you, Mr. Sam, you were very helpful! I wish every person was as helpful as you!



I dealt with Michelle, she is the most awesome recruiter that I’ve ever dealt with. Most lie just to get you into orientation, not the case with her and I believe that I’ve also found a friend in Michelle. 👌🤝


Mrs. Becky is one of a kind recruiter, she helped me with everything and checked on me to make sure things were going smooth. Mrs. Becky thank you for all you have done and may God bless you many days to come!


Tim was so very helpful! He went above and beyond to get me where I needed to be. Thank you so much, Tim. Honesty and integrity is how he rolls!


Working with Sam was a wonderful experience would definitely recommend him to everybody I know!!!


Jordon is not only a good recruiter he is a good man. He was truthful and didn’t try to sell me on a company with a bunch of hype. At one point he even told me to stay where I was because he didn’t have a better offer. Just for him to say that said a lot about who he was as a person. He got me a better job when things went bad. I came back to him and he helped me and I couldn’t be happier!


DeeDee had real enthusiasm in her voice. I can tell when someone is just throwing me a pitch just trying to get their numbers. See, any trucking company that hires my husband hires me. In order to get the ok I have to like you first. She was Matthew 5:37. All things work together for good when you let patience and perseverance have its perfect work. DeeDee was committed from start to finish. She did not dismiss me as many have done. But diligently walked us through each step. Going to bat for us when we encounter an obstacle. Not giving up when things might have looked bleak. I have made a friend here at RTR. I highly recommend DeeDee. If I had to do it over again I would not change a thing. Thanks, DeeDee!


Upon first speaking with Sam we were a little hesitant about RTR. But, after 2 months of Sam’s persistence, we went to orientation. Sam was willing to go to bat for us more than once. He even added a personal note saying how he felt we would be great assets to RTR and how he felt we were wonderful people. Persistence pays off! Thanks, Sam!


I want to say, “Thank you, Lisa, for being a wonderful lady!” Lisa went above and beyond the call of duty to help me! If there’s anyone that’s willing to help Lisa is the one to call. Again thank you, Lisa, for all that you do for people like me!


I was looking to change driving jobs and hooked up with Right Turn on Facebook. As soon as I posted that I was interested, Jim, one of the recruiters, contacted me within a day to start the process of putting in applications with other companies and did an outstanding job getting me hired with a company within a weeks’ time. We filled out my app on the phone, I got to a truck stop to get the necessary paperwork faxed to me and sent back, and in two days I was hired on with a company. I highly recommend this site for job hunting in the driving world. They are courteous, thorough, and very quick. They go above and beyond the call to make everything happen. 


RTR gets on my nerves and makes me sick! NO NO NO just joking! On a serious note, I LOVE THEM! Michelle is the best! She helped me find some great driving jobs. She’s very dedicated to her work and told me the truth not just what I wanted to hear. I owe her and RTR a big THANK YOU!


Sam has gone the extra mile. He picked up the piece for the 3rd time and showed what a recruiter should do. He showed there is still some good palaces left. You can be on my team any day! Thanks, Sam! 



Michelle is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever dealt with! She was very knowledgeable and helpful. Recommend her to anyone. Keep up the good work Michelle!


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